Check out all the helpful information at Dig.Drop.Done.  It's a great resource for all things related to bulbs: how to plant, when to plant, and lots of cool ideas.  It takes away any intimidation you may feel about starting a bulb garden and makes it fun!

Many of our premium annuals come from the breeding efforts of Proven Winners.  They've got a very gardener-friendly website with lots of interesting articles.

Perennial Resource is a great reference for information about our perennials, it's maintained by one of our perennial suppliers, Walters Gardens, Inc.

Since we started expanding the growing space over at the Landscape Center, we've begun growing more and more of our trees and shrubs from bare root stock.  One of our suppliers, Sester Farms in Oregon, has a searchable database of all their plants with some great pictures.  If you see something you like, give us a call and we'll see if we can get it for you!

Another of our bare root tree and shrub source is Bailey Nurseries.  Their website is also pretty detailed and we can special order varieties for you if you're willing to give us some time to grow them for a few months for you first!

Our line of natural landscape stone comes from Ayers Supply, Inc. in Pennsylvania.  They've got lots of great information about their products, including installation guides for do-it-yourselfers and gorgeous pictures of finished projects.

LibertyStone is our paver and retaining wall supplier.  Head over to their site to see their installations guides, detailed product information, and more cool pictures of finished projects!

If you like our line of granite birdbaths, owls, turtles, benches, and landscape lanterns, check out our supplier, Stone Age Creations.  They've got beautiful pictures of their products.  If you fall in love with something on their website, let us know and we'll order it for you!

Check out Weeks Roses, our main supplier of beautiful rose bushes.  Their website is loaded with good rose growing tips and information.  They've been in the business of roses since 1938, and they know their roses!

The Cornell Department of Horticulture's Home Gardening Website is the jump-off point for all things related to gardening at Cornell.

Visit the 2012 updated USDA Hardiness Zone Map for information on what average cold temperatures plants are likely to experience in our area.  The Hardiness Zone Map is searchable by state and zip code, too.

Here's a search-able database from the ASPCA of Toxic and Non-toxic Plants for people with pets.

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You can see some of the bouquets and plants the staff thinks are pretty neat at our Pinterest page.

Thanks to Debbie Roy in Vermont for letting me know about this helpful website which has a list of websites and blog articles to get aspiring gardeners helpful advice, tips, and some fun DIY projects.  Also some nice information about organic gardening, managing pests in the garden, seasonal gardens, and more!

Here's a website focusing on Composting and Sustainable Gardening suggested to me by Abby D. and the kids she mentors at her local community center.  I hear the kids have started their own compost piles!